Style Guide

We use the GTK style by default.

Random Style hints

  • Declare variables at the top of the scope, in order they’re used. Mid-function declarations are discouraged.

  • Always use g_autofree and g_autoptr where possible. Do one per line, and make sure they’re initialized to NULL.

  • Include the minimum number of header files, and list them in alphabetical order.

  • Use C-style comments /* . . . */ instead of C++-style //

    • Exception: If you have a debugging print-statement that’s often used, feel free to use //. Ex:

  //puzzle_set_model_print (self);

FIXME messages

If you’re going to leave a FIXME in the code, please put the domain in parens. That make it easy to grep for all common areas that may need fixing. As an example:

/* FIXME(css): This color is hardcoded instead of css based. See bug #xxx */

We don’t use TODO or have a file. Please file bugs for all other issues.

Common FIXME domain reminders:

  • error: an unhandled error, that probably needs a better message to the user than a g_warning.

  • refactor: clean up an egregiously messy area of code

  • optimization: a chunk of code is unnecessarily slow/big

  • css: Something that should be moved to be a CSS setting

  • gtk/adwaita/libfoo: Work around for an issue in a dependency. Often includes the version number it was fixed or introduced.

  • magichars: A hardcoded constant in the code, that should be centralized or made configurable

  • mystery: Something we don’t understand in the code and couldn’t figure out.

File order

Within a file, we use the following section order. Keep two newlines between each section, and one newline within each section:

  • License

  • Includes

  • Local #defines and enums. Global tables

  • Object properties and signals

  • Object structs

  • Local headers


  • Object methods, with small helper functions immediately above the caller

  • Local methods, in order they’re called

  • Public methods

  • Global helper functions

Note, this is mostly aspirational, and has settled over time. Very few files follow this to the letter


  • puzzle_id: Identifier of puzzles in resources. This starts at 1 instead of 0