Puzzle Set Tags

Status: implemented

Puzzle sets can tag their puzzles to help the user decide if they want to use them. This is done with the Tags key in the [Puzzle Set] section of the puzzle.config file.

The following size tags are accepted:

  • mini: Puzzles smaller than 8×8

  • regular: Puzzles between 8×8 and 20×20

  • jumbo: Puzzles 21×21 or greater

Sizes are approximate, and maybe give an indication of expected playing time. A 6×11 puzzle might be considered a mini if its intended to be solved quickly, while a set of 8×8 grids might be regular if they’re uncommonly hard.

In addition, the following puzzle type tags will be accepted. They match the equivalent libipuz puzzle type:

  • acrostic

  • arrowword

  • barred

  • crossword

  • cryptic

  • filippine

Tags are cumulative. So if you support varying sizes or types of puzzles within a puzzle set, simply include them all.

Other indicators

  • The locale key is used to indicate the puzzle set region and language

  • The existence of an automatic downloader is used to indicate that the puzzle set can automatically download puzzles.


As an example, consider the following values in a puzzle.config file.

[Puzzle Set]

[Picker List]

[Picker Button]


This will produce the following tags for the user:

United States (English) • Mini / Regular • Crosswords / Cryptic Crosswords • Automatic Downloader