Development guide for Crosswords

This is the development guide for Crosswords and Crossword Editor. It will help you understand how the applications fit together and how best to work with the codebase.

Basic Information

The codebase is a little complex. Here are some guides to help understand how it all fits together:

Coding style

Please keep a consistent coding style throughout the code base:


The more complex sections of the code have their own documentation to describe how they work. These started as design proposals, and graduated to be designs once they were implemented.


Puzzle Sets:

Crossword Editor:

Shared Code:

Design proposals

We write a design document before we write non-trivial sections of code. This is so we can discuss issues before coding, and have a big-picture development history that’s separate from the commit messages. If you’d like to extend this project in a non-trivial way, please submit a design doc MR before you begin coding.